Thursday, November 5, 2009

Samurai I - Musashi Miyamoto

(1954) - Color - 93 min
Starring - ToshirĂ´ Mifune as Takezo (Musashi Miyamoto), Rentaro Mikuni as Honiden Matahachi, Kaoru Yachigusa as Otsu, Mariko Okada as Akemi, Mitsuko Mito as Oku, Matahachi's wife, Kuroemon Onoe as Takuan Osho (the priest), Akihiko Hirata as Seijuro Yoshioka, Kusuo Abe as Temma Tsujikaze, Akira Tani as Kawarano-Gonroku,
Directed by - Hiroshi Inagaki

Samurai 1, also known as Musashi Miyamoto, is the first part in the epic trilogy by legendary Japanese film director Hiroshi Inagaki. The village wild man, Takezo grows up and learns the way of the Samurai and eventually becomes - Musashi Miyamoto, the greatest Samurai warrior in Japan. Meanwhile, Takezo's best friend, Matahachi makes some bad decisions that ruin his life. At one time he was betrothed to the lovely Otsu, but he ends up marrying a nasty witch named Oko and his life becomes hell.

Toshiro Mifune, best known for his lead roles in countless films by the great Akira Kurosawa, plays Takezo (Musashi Miyamoto). He is simply awesome in his role, and his character develops from the wild young Takezo, to the mature and wise Musashi. His romance with Otsu is also wonderful - make sure you check out the rest of this 5 hour trilogy as it becomes available. This is a great epic saga - of the life of Japan's greatest samurai warrior - Musashi Miyamoto.

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