Friday, October 30, 2009

Bucket of Blood

(1959) - B&W - 67 min
Starring - Dick Miller as Walter Paisley, Barboura Morris as Carla, Anthony Carbone as Leonard DiSanso, Bert Convy as Lou Raby, Judy Bamber as Alice, Julian Burton as Maxwell, Ed Nelson as Art LaCroix Paul Horn as Beatnik Sax Player, John Brinkley as Will, a Hustler
Directed by - Roger Corman

A Bucket of Blood! This film, a cult classic horror satire by the great Roger Corman, the king of the low budget genre, made this gem in 1959. The film precedes Little Shop of Horrors but is similar in many ways. The hero, or anti-hero is Walter Paisley, a waiter in a Beatnik coffee shop with live Poetry readings, who wants to be an ARTIST, but unfortunately, he has no talent. Great dialogue, very funny, and awesome music with Paul Horn on sax. Cool movie - check it out.

Walter Paisley is just a waiter - but he wants to be a ARTIST - and when he kills a cat and covers it in clay, it appears he has found his muse (meows? - sorry, couldn't pass on the pun - please pronounce it like muse for full effect). Bert Convy also stars as an undercover narcotics officer - and Walter kills him too - with a frying pan, which brings to mind another great horror parody - Eating Raoul, with Paul Bartels, who actually starred in a re-make of this movie with Justine Bateman. WOW - small world, huh? This movie is a classic. You are just a nobody still you have experienced the ART, baby.

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